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General Motors Europe Master Samples now available at Thierry

We are happy to inform you that beginning October 1, 2008, all General Motors Europe master samples will be distributed by Thierry GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany. Thierry is happy to be able to extend our service to another division of General Motors and its suppliers.

As you know, Thierry Corporation has been responsible for the administration and distribution of General Motors North America master samples since 2005. In these last years GM and Thierry have established a process for distribution that has been customized to fit all processing, quality control, and changing needs of General Motors. As this process constantly evolves, Thierry is pleased to announce that General Motors has made us their partner for master sample distribution globally.

All General Motors masters worldwide will now be available through the Thierry web shop, being administrated through both our locations Thierry Corporation in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA and Thierry GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. This includes the interior and exterior master samples for all regions, GM North America, GM Europe, GM Holden, GMDAT (S. Korea), LAAM (Brazil), PATAC (China). All regions will be able to obtain masters through the Thierry web shop, https://www.thierry-corp.com/ .

This will ensure that all GM masters are of the same level of quality and appearance on a global scale along with the ease of obtaining any GM master from a common source.

Due to the need to set one price on a global scale, GM and Thierry have arrived at $140.00 USD (or 100 Euro for masters out of the Stuttgart office) as the new price per master sample which will be effective starting October 1, 2008.

For your information, Thierry is also launching a new and improved web shop in the coming weeks to better service your needs. We hope you find the updates beneficial and more user friendly.

Any additional questions from GME can be addressed to Thierry GmbH (Germany) master.samples@thierry-gmbh.de , and all other regions can address their questions to Thierry Corporation (USA)master.samples@thierry-corp.com .

The Thierry team looks forward to continuing our relationship with you, and as always, will strive to provide a constantly improving and premium service.

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