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Thierry Corporation distribute Diener Plasma Technology products in USA, Canada, Mexico

We distribute Diener Plasma Surface Technology to USA / Canada / Mexico ...

We are proud to announce that Thierry Corporation is now the USA / Canada / Mexico (North American) distributor for Diener Plasma Surface Technology.

Diener Electronic, a German based company, has been developing and manufacturing both low pressure and atmospheric plasma systems since 1993, and is one of the leading producers of plasma activation, plasma cleaning, plasma etching, and plasma coating machines.

Plasma Technology is a highly energy efficient, environmental friendly, VOC free process for areas where surface modifications of substrates are required.

Plasma Activation of surfaces before gluing between materials, printing, or painting allows for adhesion without the need for any other pretreatment and does not compromise your surface. It often used for automobile parts, textiles, electronic components, etc.

Plasma Cleaning removes all traces of oils or other contaminants from surfaces and has many uses from improving adhesion to cleaning of items by research institutes, museums, etc.

Plasma Etching of surfaces roughens the surface as a pretreatment before printing, gluing together, or lacquering. It is often used in the automotive, electronic, and medical fields.

Plasma coating is the polymerization of a surface in order to create protective, hydrophobic, or insulating layers.

For more information on Plasma Technology, please visitwww.plasma.de/en/plasmatechnique/plasmaapplications.html.

The Treatment Process yields repeatable and reliable results with low running costs.

Plasma technology is now establishing itself in almost all industry communities. Let us show you how we can assist you with plasma implementation and operation to fit your company's needs.

You may contact us our Royal Oak, Michigan location for further information.

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