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Thierry Corporation located in Royal Oak, Michigan, has been allocated the responsibility for the receipt and management of OEM master standards and all requests thereof for various OEMs such as General Motors, FCA (Chrysler), and Ford European and Ford SAO. Our web shop provides descriptions of available masters for the US as well as European Masters managed by our Thierry Germany colleagues. Using the web shop is the most accurate procedure to procure OEM masters.

You must be registered to search, review descriptions, request quotes, or purchase Master Standards. The first step to ordering master samples is to register an account on our web shop. You can “Create New Account” in the Color & Mastering Customer Login box in the upper right corner.  Select “Create New Account”. The next screen will allow you to choose the master category you require, such as Master Samples, Test Agents, or Color Cards (RAL, etc.)

Please select “Create account for ordering Master Samples” if you intend on purchasing an OEM master. Complete the information form and select submit when finished.  In the field for Federal Tax ID Number, please enter NA if you do not have one or know this information. If your company is located in China or you intend to ship to a company located in China, the CR# (Customs Regulation) is required for the shipment and can be entered in the “Customers Registration” field. Your shipment will be delayed if this number is missing.

Your account will usually be activated within 24-48 hours. At that point you can log in, browse what is available, request quotes and place orders.

There are also order forms available for download so that you can order via fax or email if your company does not allow access to request quotes or place orders online.

Activation of your account access is not immediate. Your account will be activated within 24-48 hours. If you register on a weekend, please allow slightly longer since no one is available to complete the upload until Monday morning. We ask that you only create one account and allow the time requested for us to upload your access before attempting to login again. You will receive an email when this process is completed.

*RAL and other Color Card Accounts (Terex, etc.) are automatically activated.

Your email address will remain your ID.

You can request a new password on the Website home page just below the Color & Mastering Customer Login box. You can also change the temporary password under the tab “My Account” (Login Credentials) once logged in your account.

If your email has changed for any reason (see exception below), please email your new information to Our IT department can make all the necessary corrections to insure your order history stays intact.

Exception: If you have changed employers, please create a new account using your new email address. Your old account will be deactivated. This is for security purposes.

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