Color Standards

Thierry is recognized worldwide for delivering high quality Color Standards and related services. We have a specialized knowledge coming from years of experience within the following industries:

  • Automobile & Truck
  • Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Construction
  • Agricultural Machinery

Thierry is able to deliver the highest quality in Color Standards due to its unique equipment and processes. We have developed a system that allows for the tightest tolerance in Color Standard continuity, along with an optimum surface appearance. This repeatable process combined with our experienced staff, results in Color Standards that have become a reliable tool for the global industry.

Color Standards specification

All Color Standards are prepared according to each OEM specification for color tolerance and visual appearance. Each Color Standard goes through a visual quality control by the most highly trained staff, combined with a collection and evaluation of measurement data. 

Various measurement instruments are available for data analysis, along with standardized lighting for visual evaluation to meet any customer specification. Each customer can tailor our Color Standard service to fit its own specific needs. 

Thierry is proud to be the leading supplier for Color Standards worldwide and constantly strives to improve all processes with innovative updates. Our goal is to continue providing a premium service for Color Standards to our customers, with a level of quality they can expect on a global scale. 

Color Standards

Automated color measurement with the MA6811 or BYK-MAC

Visual evaluation of Color Standards

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