Laboratory Filter

As you might know, filtering small laboratory batches can be a very time-consuming procedure. Especially when high-viscosity or very thixotropic paints are to be filtered through a narrow mesh filter. With our new laboratory filter, however, any liquids such as paints, oils, stains, primers, glues and other chemicals can be filtered easily and efficiently within a few seconds!

This laboratory filter has been specially developed by Thierry GmbH for use in paint laboratories. It is ideal for paint in small quantity batches from < 200 g up to 25 kg. Any type (e.g. nylon or wire mesh) or size (e.g. 10 μm to 200 μm) of mesh can be fixed (by clamp) to the stainless steel container. Once the container is in the device it is hermetically sealed and pressure can be applied to initiate filtering through the mesh. The filtering process is then completed in only seconds.

The laboratory filter is an invention of Thierry GmbH and is manufactured in Germany. Protected by German utility model 20 2018 103 594.

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