Thierry Plasma is dedicated to creating and delivering surface modification solutions. Our full-service staff is committed to providing complete solutions from start to finish.  Before you buy or rent (you can even rent before you buy) a plasma system we will help you with plasma process development.  Contract service is also a viable option in many circumstances.

Pre-sales plasma services:

  • Before planning a plasma application, have us test your samples for free, or let us do surface analyses of your materials.
  • Develop your plasma application with a test system, or have us develop your plasma applications for you.

Plasma Process - Sales service:

  • We will help you decide on a plasma system, and help you set up your plasma applications during plasma process development.
  • Our specialists will design a special-purpose plasma application for you if your needs are not met by one of the standard systems.

Plasma Process - After-sales service:

  • Your plasma applications will perform – we will keep every important spare part in stock for you.
  • We offer a maintenance contract to keep your plasma applications at an optimum performance level.
  • If your plasma applications ever give you trouble, we will be on stand by with help and advice.
  • If you do not want to buy your own plasma applications system, rent one from us! Sometimes it's the more economical solution.
  • If you do not want to run plasma applications yourself, we offer you our in-house subcontract plasma treatment.

More Information about Plasma Technology

Plasma Technology Brochure

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