Plasma cleaning and plasma activation of small vias without damaging the surface or base substrate of your product is often required. The addition of a repeatable Gas Plasma support process to provide a desired surface preparation for the down stream steps in the process is critical to your yield. Gas Plasma provides consistent process throughput and keeps your product moving through production timely when a little finesse is required.

Thierry plasma systems

You will find our systems easy to operate and maintain with a low cost of ownership. Our tooling is configured for high throughput in products ranging from 3 inches to 300 mm. When dealing with an exotic substrate or material in your fabrication line, our tooling will be easy to use and able to support your manufacturing needs.

Plasma applications for any need

Packaging is also a critical part of your manufacturing process. We have experience in the plasma cleaning, plasma activation and preparation of bond pads and bump materials. Consistent preparation of your products surfaces prior to completion will provide a more reliable finished product. Our systems throughput and ease of use would be a reliable, cost effective asset to any manufacturing line. Our friendly staff at Thierry Plasma is looking forward to discussing your application further.


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