Binding Energy

Objects are made out of working materials; these materials are made of up smaller components and can further be broken down in to particles, molecules and the atoms that make up the original materials one started with. Like what can done to the surface of object, a traditional, liquid surface coating being put into place, a plasma treatment can be done to protect the surface or even prepare the surface for other work, but at the atomic level.

Plasma technology can be used in a variety of ways on products. A treatment can do as much as expand product capabilities or simply just water-treat a surface.  

But as simple as applying a coating sounds, plasma treating is completely different. When at the atomic level it would be easy to see that traditional surface coatings leave products undisturbed molecularly. To incorporate this, plasma treatments work on the surface at the molecular, atomic level to break up bonds and allow the ability to form new ones. Unlike the liquid coating, plasma will have the ability to provide the amounts of energy required. This will expand on product capabilities. By working at such a small scale, using plasma treatment to water-treat a surface will guarantee a quality coating that will last. 

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