An atom is composed of three types of particles; protons, neutrons and electrons. The proton and neutron of an atom are located in the dense core of the atom called the nucleus. Although the neutron is electrically neutral in charge, the proton is positively charged, and both particles are surrounded by the negatively charged electron cloud. The protons, neutrons and electrons will form atoms, the basic building blocks of all matter in the universe.


Plasma is created by the ionization of gases. Ionization is when the gases used for the creation of plasma have entered the vacuum chamber and encounter either a magnetic field or a high electrical conductivity, ionizing the molecules in the gases. The molecules will either gain or lose electrons, forming either net positive or negative ions (atom or molecule which the total number of electrons and protons are not the same). Also, the electrons that were lost become restrictively-free, negatively charged particles. Due to the properties of plasma, ions and the electrons must interact with all nearby particles besides the closer, surrounding particles, giving the plasma a neutral charge.

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