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Plasma treatment technology can be used to plasma treat materials like plastics, metals, and glasses. For instance, plasma treatment can be used as a tool to create hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces. Plastics, in general, have low surface energy, and plasma activating and etching can increase the surface energy and surface area so that the plastic can bond better to other materials or even with other plastics. For plastics, oxygen or atmospheric air are commonly the process gases in the plasma cleaning process. Plasma coating can also be used to improve the aesthetics or to protect the material. 

Metals can be covered with organic or inorganic components and oxidized layers. For example, when metals undergo a rolling process, it is sprayed with oils and these oils can mix with other fluids on the surface and cause adhesion to be difficult. Plasma technology is then used to plasma treat and ensure uniform cleaning of the surface of the metal and to break down oxides. Plasma cleaning glass and ceramic is similar to cleaning metals. Common process gases to plasma clean metals are argon and oxygen. Plastic, glass, and ceramics need to be plasma treated before lacquering and gluing, and the process gas is generally oxygen or air. 

Plasma treatment refers to the use of plasma on a given surface to achieve desired effects. Plasma treatment could be referring to cleaning, activating, etching, or coating. Three-dimensional parts can be easily treated with a low pressure plasma chamber because this treatment will encompass the total surface of a material that is exposed. These treatments are already being applied in a variety of fields including:

  • Automotive
  • Elastomer industry
  • Electronics
  • Micro systems technology
  • Plastics industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Textile treatment

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