Plasma References

Diener Electronic’s Plasma references are both numerous and diverse. Diener Electronic has supplied plasma systems to many industries including medical, electronic, transportation and textile. Plasma treatment systems are further being used in both academia for research and in industry for full scale production. If there is an application in need of a plasma treatment system, Diener Electronic can design and construct it.

Plasma References - More Information

Plasma references of companies using Diener Electronic plasma treatment systems can be found at

Thierry Corporation - Distributor in US, Mexico and Canada

Thierry Corporation is the only distributor of Diener Electronic plasma systems in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Thierry Corporation not only provides plasma treatment systems and supplies but provides free pre-purchase testing and process development. Thierry is also pleased to help clients explore new product applications and assist in the design of a plasma system to meet their application specific needs. Currently, Thierry’s research and development lab is equipped with a plasma cleaner, plasma activator, atmospheric plasma system and plasma etcher including a multi-functional Tetra 30 with rotary plasma and plasma polymerization capabilities. A variety of process gases are also available.

Thierry Corporation

Thierry Corporation also offers rental systems so that customers can conduct product development in-house without initially committing to the purchase of a plasma treatment system. Once product development is complete, the customer can either purchase their rental system for the remaining balance owed or purchase another system discounted by 50% of the rent paid. Thierry collaborates closely with Diener Electronic to insure that it’s North American Diener plasma system users get the support and service required to meet all of their needs.