Vacuum Chambers & Systems for Repeatable Testing

Thierry's vacuum chamber product line equips manufacturers with the ability to execute high-altitude testing, drying or off-gassing of materials in a controlled and repeatable environment. 


Vacuum Chambers & Systems
For Repeatable Testing



Benefits of Thierry Vacuum Chambers:

  • Cost-effective and less expensive than traditional systems
  • Modular chamber system based on aluminum extrusion profiles
  • Systems are customized to fit your specific manufacturing requirements
  • Systems available in any size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Anodized option allows for systems to have custom colors
  • Optimal heat conduction
  • Enables very clean processes
  • Does not require welding; the pieces can be easily joined
  • Accelerated delivery times

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The gaseous monomers are introduced directly into the plasma jet by means of a carrier gas. Therefore, the plasma focuses on the monomer on the surface and polymerizes it.

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Plasma System Types

Low Pressure

These systems apply energy to a gas in a vacuum system to produce a stable source of gas plasma.

Atmospheric Pressure

These systems apply air or gas plasma to a small area of a part without treating the entire part.

Custom Industrial

These custom systems enable manufacturers a design that fits seamlessly into their established manufacturing line.

Vacuum Chambers

Many manufacturing processes require high altitude testing or material drying vacuum chamber solutions.

Plasma Services

Plasma Services

We are dedicated to creating and delivering surface modification solutions that improve the manufacturing process and profitability of our customers. Our full-service staff is committed to providing complete solutions from concept to delivery. Before a client buys or rents a plasma system, we guide them with plasma process development to ensure their success. Contract service is also an available service option.