Leading Plasma Company in North America

Thierry Plasma is dedicated to creating and delivering surface modification solutions. Our full-service staff is committed to providing complete solutions from start to finish.

Color & Mastering with Thierry

Our comprehensive master management service guarantees distribution of masters meeting OEM specifications with a uniform quality for all commodities globally.

Thierry Corporation – Global Leader for Color Standards and Mastering & North America’s Leading Plasma Company

Thierry Corporation, with its two divisions, is known for being the leading supplier for Color Standards and Master Management for a number of OEMs worldwide – but is also dedicated to creating and delivering surface modification through Plasma Technology.

In both product branches, Color & Mastering & Plasma Technology, Thierry Corporation is experienced in the marketing and the actual use of the products. Therefore, Thierry provides products and services from a user’s point of view with a maximum of functionality for our customers.


Plasma Cleaning

With a Thierry plasma cleaner there are virtually no limitations for materials that can be treated. Polymers (solid or fibers), metals, rubbers,  ...

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Plasma Etching

Plasma etching is a form of surface treatment in which larger quantities of material are impacted and removed. Plasma etching leads to a deep ...

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Plasma Activation

With plasma activation, non-reactive or non-wettable surfaces can be modified to obtain better adhesion properties ...

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Color Standards

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes we are able to precisely duplicate any color and create high quality color standards ...

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Master Management

Thierry is proud to be responsible for the distribution of master samples for several OEMs on a global scale ...

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We carry a complementary line of coil coated aluminum, steel panels, and design shapes to meet your needs ...

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Companies That Trust Thierry

Plasma Systems that meet customer needs

The plasma systems are of highest quality and functionality and make cleaning, etching and activation with either Low Pressure/Vacuum or Atmospheric Plasma Systems easily possible. With a few exceptions, all plasma systems are customizable to every customer’s needs, as over 200 of the tools are modular and interchangeable. Our systems are also perfect for heavy industrial and large-scale production.

Plasma Technology

Colour Standards and precision painting

Our Color & Mastering division can precisely duplicate any color and create the highest quality of color standards. Thierry Corporation not only offers precision color panels,  but also develops and distributes master samples in liaison with many different OEMs such as General Motors, Ford, FCA, Honda, Nissan, and many more renowned companies.

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