Plasma Indicators

Simple Validation That Your Parts Have Been Exposed to Plasma

How do you know if your plasma treatment was carried out correctly?
The answer is: With our plasma indicators. They are the perfect tool to improve your plasma-related processes – no matter if you are applying plasma at low or atmospheric pressure!

Plasma Treatment & Applications

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We at Thierry Corp. always strive to make monitoring your plasma processes as easy and cost-effective as possible. Our plasma indicators can verify if your plasma treatment was successful quickly and reliably.

Sometimes a plasma treatment is completed and the obtained surface looks neat and tidy to the naked eye but later it turns out that something went wrong during the process. This is not only annoying but it also can be very costly. Plasma indicators can be used to avoid such an undesired outcome.

They instantly show you if your surface activation, cleaning, or etching has been successful or not.

low pressure plasma indicator

Low-pressure plasma indicator
Plasma glass indicator

Our novel plasma indicators can be used for low-pressure plasma processes that require high purity and cleanliness. They are based on glass substrates to avoid any outgassing in such critical processes from the indicator itself. Due to this high standard of clean processing, our plasma indicators are a superior solution for plasma applications in the healthcare or semiconductor field. 

The dark dot in the center of the indicator vanishes completely when the plasma process has been carried out correctly. This holds for all kinds of common surface treatments such as activation, cleaning and etching.

atmospheric pressure indicators

Atmospheric pressure

Our atmospheric pressure indicators are specially coated labels that can be attached directly to the workpiece. The coating consists of a special fabric, which will simply dissolve when the plasma process was successful.

This allows checking the treatment quality with the bare eye instead of with costly technical equipment. You will immediately see if your surface treatment conforms to your specifications. 

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Our indicators for atmospheric and low-pressure plasmas are suited for activation, cleaning and etching. 

Industry Applications

The industrial applications of our plasma indicators are technologies where plasma surface treatment comes into play. This can be activation, cleaning, or etching – either at low or at atmospheric pressure. Some examples of industries that can use plasma indicators are:


Healthcare-relevant surfaces have to be as clean as possible and the surface structure and properties are of utmost importance. Thus, it is a great advantage if the plasma-treated surface can be inspected right after the treatment. This ensures the quality of the process and makes plasma indicators an incredible tool.


Jewelry and Design

Not only the aesthetics count for works of art and jewelry but also other aspects. For example, coatings have to be homogeneous with excellent adhesion to the workpiece. These properties are strongly connected to the quality of the plasma treatment. Plasma indicators will reveal how well the process was applied.



Cloths that are plasma treated cannot always be distinguished from those that are not with the bare eye. Wettability or self-cleaning properties are sometimes not to be determined without costly analysis. Plasma indicators cut those costs by simply telling you, whether your process was successful.



When it comes to machining the homogeneity and hardness of the surface are the most important features of the workpiece. If the plasma treatment is not done correctly, parts can wear off or even break. This can cause enormous costs for the customer. Again, plasma indicators can easily help to prevent this.



For tooling the same principles as for machining apply. If a valuable tool breaks because of a badly treated surface, the customer will have serious complaints. This can be avoided with the right plasma indicators.



The requirements for producing semiconductors are very similar to the ones for manufacturing healthcare items. Pristine surfaces, which can only be achieved by highly pure plasma processes. Here the inspection of the treated surface can be extremely costly because even the morphology on the nanoscale matters.


Aerospace and Automotive

The requirements for these industries are basically a combination of the ones for semiconductors, tooling and machining. Hence, the involved plasma processes have to be closely monitored to obtain the desired results. The easiest way for this is plasma indicators from Thierry Corp.


Frequently Asked Questions

In which processes can the plasma indicators be applied?

Our plasma indicators can be used in all kinds of plasma surface treatment processes, such as activation, cleaning, or etching.

In which pressure regime do plasma indicators work?

They are suited for plasma systems in atmospheric and low-pressure environments.

Can the plasma indicators be used in processes with high purity standards?

Yes, the glass indicators are perfectly suited for such processes (e. g. in medical or semiconductor processing).

What does the dark dot on the plasma indicator mean?

The dark dot is, in fact, the real indication that the process was carried out successfully. If it has completely vanished after the plasma treatment, everything is alright. If it is still there If it is still there (even if the color changes), the process has to be repeated.