Precision Color Cards According to RAL Classification

Thierry's Color Standards according to RAL-Classification meet the highest quality requirements of our industry.

80 years of history have earned RAL-Colors a special significance in the European paint and color industry, and are now gaining exposure in the international industry as well. RAL-Color-Numbers are often used in the communication of color representation between manufacturers and suppliers.

Thierry Precision Color Cards live up to this importance in the European and international paint and color world and are setting new standards in quality and uniformity.

Each Thierry Color Card according to RAL-Classification is guaranteed to be within 0.2 dE (45°/0) of its target color position, and all have a flawless high gloss finish.

Thierry Presicion Color Cards are painted using our automated process. They are manufactured with the same technical equipment and accuracy as the Color Standards for our other specialized customers. Two-component polyurethane paints are used on a special, flexible substrate.

Each Thierry Color Card is colorimetrically measured and certified with its individual measurements. The polyurethane paint ensures a color position is consistent, without fading or shifting, for up to 5 years.  Recertification is suggested at this time period.

If used throughout the entire process chain, the Precision Color Cards will help eliminate color deviations of painted surfaces, thus avoiding variations in quality and costly harmony issues.

  • Two-component PUR paint
  • Size 80 x 115 mm
  • Individually checked and certified
  • Validity 5 years
  • Flawless, even surface
  • Max. color deviation 0.2 dE
  • Gloss level min. 90 (60°)

Master Standard

The manufacturing of Thierry's Precision Color Cards was based on the complete catalog RAL 841-GL, which is available on the market. Each color was matched and reproduced.  All color cards were colorimetrically measured, a cluster point analysis was completed, and the average value per color was determined.  The card matching this average value became the master standard to which all other Color Cards were compared.  For each color, all Color Cards are within 0.2 dE (45°/0)  to its master standard. 


Thierry Precision Color Cards according to RAL-Classification are manufactured with two-component PUR paint (automotive refinish). Only up-to-date and marketable pigments (without lead or cadmium) are used in production. This ensures that the user can reproduce the colors without pigmentation issues.


A survey regarding RAL-Classification color samples previously available on the market was conducted by Thierry among the paint industry and has received much feedback: almost 20% of the addressed companies returned a completed questionnaire. The survey showed that color samples previously on the market only partially met the requirements of the users. For most paint manufacturers the consistency of a certain gloss level, a smooth and even surface, and a tight tolerance for color deviation (specifically not exeeding dE 0.2) are of great importance and necessary for their scope of work. These requirements have all been met by the Thierry Precision Color Cards according to RAL-Classification.

Precision Color Cards according to RAL-Classification

Measurement Data

Color Box containing all 189 Precision Color Cards

Precision Color Cards according to RAL-Classification

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