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In the Electronics Industry pretreating and modifying materials with plasma is a key asset to optimize processes and work cost-efficiently. Especially wafers, chips and semiconductors as highly sensitive electronic compounds, which profit from plasma treatments during the manufacturing process. No matter if cleaning, modifying properties, etching or coating, modern plasma technologies are an efficient way to treat electronic parts.

When it comes to plasma treating, small vias, i.e. electrical connections, are predestined to undergo treatment with plasma in order not to take any risks of damaging these sensitive parts on electronic circuits. Using plasma technology to clean semiconductors and electronic circuits or to etch finest structures in the materials is the process of choice. By means of ionized gas the risks of damaging circuits or other very small electrical components are reduced. Usually, plasma cleaning, meaning decontaminating the surfaces as well as modifying it in a way needed, when fabricating electrical circuits, is executed before bonding the wires.

Inducing plasma during the fabrication of circuits and before bonding wires, the gas enhances the bondability of the surface, ensuring the wires bond to the pads. Organic contamination or oxides are easily and quickly removed using plasma processing. The high throughput range of Thierry’s offered plasma systems lets beginning investment costs in these systems rapidly amortize.

Semiconductor Plasma-systems from a market leader

Thierry Plasma belongs to the world leaders when it comes to plasma technology for various fields of application, including pretreating semiconductors and other electrical compounds to enhance bonding. Thierry’s plasma technology division offers different solutions to modify surfaces using different ionized gases. From start to finish and in collaboration with the customer, our staff provides the optimal solution prior to buying or renting plasma systems from Thierry Plasma.

Modular systems for every customer’s need

No matter if etching, activating, coating or cleaning, Thierry Corporation offers plasma systems built from modular tools. A major share of the tools, especially the systems using low-pressure-plasma, is customizable in order to fit every customer’s need. We are an international market leader in manufacturing low-pressure-plasma- and atmospheric-plasma-systems. Apart from custom-built-systems, Thierry Plasma also offers process development and on-site treatment services.





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