Plasma cleaning and Plasma activation in manufacturing of industrial products has become a reliable tool in the optimization of process specifications.  In today’s competitive world, differentiating your product from your competition with quality leads to customer retention, cost reduction, and growth.  The ability to consistently provide a stronger bond and a cleaner surface in manufacturing processes provides a more reliable, defect free part to your customer.

The application of plasma surface treatment can be used in industrial applications when a requirement for increased bonding strength is needed in the area of painting, adhesive assembly or bonding.  Plasma processing can also be used to clean just about any surface imaginable.

Plasma Science and Industry

The application of Gas Plasma to the everyday manufacturing of industrial products is growing at an enormous rate.  The need in industry to optimize every aspect of a product has become necessary to remain competitive.  No industry is untouched by the application of Gas Plasma in the area of optimized product performance.  Some of the markets that have seen the most growth in application of Gas Plasma are aerospace, automotive, electronics, food packaging, glass, marine, medical, military, optics, packaging, paint, paper, plastics, and textiles.  In today’s fast paced market the application of Gas Plasma is limited only by our own ability to innovate, the need to drive our product market and apply the technology at hand.

Industrial Manufacturing Cleaning and Adhesion Optimization

The optimization of materials in the area of product performance is critical to being competitive in today’s market.  Unfortunately the best materials for the product are not always the easiest to assemble, bond or keep clean.  Gas Plasma provides solutions to those difficult manufacturing problems providing clean, activated surfaces that promote and optimize a reliable bond for product performance.  Gas Plasma is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to solvents and complicated, heavily regulated clean lines.  


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