Our Plasma Science and Technology division is proud to be the North American distribution partner of Diener Electronic. Through this partnership we offer a wide range of products for research and development along with the scale up potential for various options for manufacturing and production. This includes warehousing facilities here in Michigan with extensive spare parts available immediately. Thierry also offers process development with a fully functional lab. Contractual service is also available and often is a convenient option.

Thierry has continued to expand its services to meet all the needs of customers' plasma applications.  This includes a constant growth of laboratory equipment as well as stock available in our warehouse.  

Thierry has extensive experience in working with Plasma Technology.  These technologies include but are not limited to:
  • Low Pressure Plasma Production Units
  • Low Pressure Entry Level and Research Systems
  • Atmospheric Plasma Systems
  • Automated Plasma Systems to be used in streamline manufacturing

In North America Thierry now partners and represents Diener Electronic who is a European leader in their field of technology.

Thierry is proud of its opportunity to partner with Diener who shares its philosophy of excellence, quality of products and service, and a dedication to always increase customer satisfaction.

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