Plasma Systems - Definition

When plasma (plasma ions) comes into contact with a material, physical and chemical reactions occur on the surface. This results in highly controllable surface modifications.

Plasma systems can clean, activate, etch, R.I.E., or coat surfaces in ways not achievable by other surfacing technologies. For this reason, Thierry offers a complete range of plasma systems for every application. Plasma systems differ by technology – low pressure and atmospheric pressure – as well as by size and design.

We offer process development, system rentals, and contract service at our facility.

In addition to our large inventory of standard plasma systems, we also specialize in custom built systems to best suit your needs. Thierry also offers process development, system rentals, and on-site treatment services at our facility.

Plasma Systems - Types

Heavy Industrial

Heavy Industrial, Large-Scale Production, Large Production, Tetra Plasma System

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Low Pressure Production

Femto Plasma System, Pico Plasma System, Nano Plasma System, Tetra Plasma System

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Low Pressure Entry Level

Zepto Plasma System, Atto Plasma System, Overview Entry Level Plasma Systems

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Atmospheric Plasma

PlasmaBeam, PlasmaBeam DUO, PlasmaBeam PC

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Low-Pressure Plasma Systems

Two and three dimensional parts are placed into a chamber which creates a vacuum and generates plasma. In addition, treatment of bulk goods, powder, semi-conductors, and rolls of material is also possible in these plasma systems. Thierry offers low-pressure plasma systems in a wide range of sizes (from 2.5 liter to 14,000+ liters or bigger if needed.) Thierry has the widest variety of interchangeable options available to the consumer. All of these options are pre-made and built into your custom plasma system.

Please visit our low pressure plasma system section for more details.

Atmospheric plasma systems

This plasma system generates plasma within a nozzle, from which it is forced out by a stream of compressed air. The plasma beam (up to 1/2" in diameter) can be used to clean and activate surfaces prior to gluing, soldering, molding, etc. 
These plasma systems enable extremely precise treatment and continuous production.

Learn more about Thierry's atmospheric plasma system (Plasma Beam series) - premier product of the industry.

Besides standard stock models, Thierry also offers custom-made plasma systems to help you uncover the hidden potential in your process.

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