Surface Energy Measurement Tools

A rapid measurement of the surface energy of any workpiece is of great importance to manufacturers and surface technologists. The surface energy measurement tools from Thierry Corp. allow a rapid analysis of the most relevant surface parameters, such as adhesion or wettability. This comes in handy after surface treatments like cleaning or etching but also before surface preparations like coatings, bonding, painting, or sealing.

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Build a Digital Thread for Surface Preparation

Material surfaces are constantly changing. In some cases, this can lead to surface degradation and, thus, a worse product performance. However, this can easily be avoided by using our surface energy measurement tool. The handheld device is easy to use and can determine the most important surface parameters within seconds. This allows our customers to build a digital thread of critical surface properties. By using this valuable data, businesses can reduce waste, save time and money and optimize their production steps.

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Digital Inspection Technology for Improved Surface Engineering 

If you want to improve your surface engineering and monitor crucial surface properties over time with a simple-to-use handheld device, our surface energy measurement tool is just the thing you are looking for. It allows the fast and accurate digital inspection of basically any surface. You can improve your surface engineering and monitoring just by pressing a few buttons. This surface measurement tool can be used on small parts, tubes, edges and even in deep and narrow trenches on the surface of your workpieces.

Surface energy measurement tool quotation

Surface energy measurement tool quotation 

Surface Energy Measurement Tool Features

Thierry Corp’s surface energy measurement tool offers a variety of novel features that make this device an indispensable asset for surface treatment and engineering.

Versatile Inspection Head

The inspection head is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments while still keeping the highest accuracy possible. The inspection head can be changed in accordance with your specific needs, no matter how unique they might be. We provide inspection heads that are custom-tailored for analysing edges, narrow channels, tubes, small surfaces or any other setting you might think of. It also features status lights, buttons and audio signals that allow the user to inspect any surface with only one hand and no need to look at the screen.


Optimized for manufacturing

The measurement device comes with a quick-start test plan, which is tailored to your specific needs and includes customized analytics software for rapid surface analysis. The head itself is able to read QR codes and helps to keep track of production steps or to minimize human errors. The surface measurement tool also enables sophisticated user management. This includes individual user profiles with automated record logging. Thus, no accidental changes in the settings can occur. The measured data can be read out via an ethernet API or RS232 port.


Top-down measurements

The patented measurement principle works by depositing a small fluid droplet onto the surface. The contact angle of this droplet is then analysed by taking a top-down look after the deposition. Due to the high precision of this method, the whole procedure of contact angle measurement is brought from the laboratory directly to manufacturing lines. The Lucent lighting enables a perfectly controlled illumination of any surface, regardless of variations in roughness and reflectivity. This saves a lot of time and effort and yields highly accurate results.


Advanced surface analytics

Users with admin rights can define unique surface profiles with individual parameters for inspection. This increases the accuracy for measurements of surfaces with strongly varying textures, roughness, or surface treatments. The dynamic detection mode incorporates information about the droplet’s interaction with the surface into the measurement. This increases the accuracy of the contact angle measurement to a point where it is far more precise than any goniometer measurement in the lab. Another advantageous feature is the wetting analytics, which measures dynamic drop deformation. This gives information about water-soluble chemicals on the surface, such as their amount and homogeneity on the surface. From these data, the user gets immediate insight into hydrophilic substances or other unwanted contaminants like detergents on the workpiece.


Superior analytics software

The software of our surface measurement tool offers a pass/fail mode with customizable tolerances. When this mode is enabled the operator is just informed about the pass or fail of a certain surface. This greatly simplifies the measurement procedure. The second software feature is the near-failure notification. It is set off when the inspected surface is close to failure. This can either identify surfaces that are slowly reaching a failing limit or a failure tolerance. In the latter case, the Pass/Fail message will turn yellow to inform the user.



Since all surfaces are different as they may be flat, rough, cracked, convex, concave, or entirely regular, measuring the surface parameters is often challenging. 
●    However, this is not the case with the surface energy measurement device from Thierry Corp. We can deliver different, custom-tailored designs for the inspection head that allow checking various kinds of surfaces from glass lenses to PCB boards.
●    Quality check station: We can also provide our customers with a check station that keeps the handheld device, the specimen, or both in place. All checking stations are connected via RS232 and Ethernet API.
●    Wearable Sling: This sling provides a convenient possibility to move around with the device while keeping the hands free.
●    Extended Tether: Sometimes longer distances are needed between the main device and the surface that should be examined, e.g. in the case of large surfaces. Thus, we offer an extension to the standard tether of up to 6 meters. This extended tether is a superior option, which can be combined with a fixed station for the handheld device.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the surface energy measurement tool work?

Our tool deposits a tiny water droplet onto a surface and measures the contact angle. This gives very accurate information about the surface characteristics, such as cleanliness, adhesion properties, or chemical composition. The surface energy measurement device works with a patented ballistic deposition technology, that is highly sensitive to the smallest changes in the surface properties.

Why is the surface energy measurement tool better than a standard goniometer?

While standard goniometers measure with a side-view on a water droplet, the surface energy measurement tool from Thierry Corp. is based on top-down imaging. This enables the measurement of curved, rough, or dented surfaces, even on small samples. Our device can measure on tools, PCB boards, pipes, etc. Another important difference is that a side-view can only obtain two contact angles but in real-world applications, a water droplet never remains in a perfectly round shape. The top-down approach can take up to 200 measurement points around the whole water droplet. Thus, it is far more accurate than a standard goniometer.

What types of surfaces can be measured with the device?

The surface energy measurement tool measures different surface types with ease. Some examples are polymers, metals, semiconductors, composites, electronic circuit boards, glass and many more. The device gives quick insights into surface properties, such as chemical composition, homogeneity, or the quality of surface treatment processes.

Is the surface texture affecting the measurement precision?

In a standard side-view goniometer, the surface roughness can be a serious issue because it can obscure the view onto the edge of the droplet. However, with our top-down measurement, the entire droplet is measured without any annoying interference from the surface roughness.

How accurate is the surface energy measurement tool?

Our surface energy measurement device is calibrated to the same precision as a NIST-traceable standard goniometer. However, in real-world measurements, the accuracy of our tool has been proven to be far better than comparable standard instruments. If the surface is chemically uniform, the deviation of the contact angle measurements is less than one degree.