There are many methods of cleaning and sterilization, but each method will have its own limitations. For example, deep cleaning in small cracks or fracture on the surface of the material may be out of reach for certain cleaning methods. While others may use dangerous acids or require an electrochemical polishing that may cost too much. There is a simpler, more cost effective measure available. 

Through the process of plasma degreasing, all traces of grease are removed leaving perfectly clean surface, free of impurities, which can then be used as a work environment that requires a super clean surface. By using plasma, the surface will experience less damage from cleaning. This makes it a safer process by avoiding acid cleanings and it is more cost effective than electrochemical polishing.

Plasma is able to do this because it works at the atomic level. The ionized gases are able to reach deep into the small cracks and fractures, even down to the crystal structure of the atom that make up the surface.

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