The benefits of plasma chambers from Thierry Plasma

The plasma chamber systems come in maximum lengths of three meters, but up to this the size is customizable and easily cut to the length needed. Thanks to the aluminum material, the chamber is light and therefore also uncomplicated to deliver. The material is also a very good head conductor, easy to clean and can be colorized by anodizing, if wished for. Included in the delivery is the product’s carrier installation, which is easy to follow. Front and back doors are equally easy to set up on the chamber. Material and the flawless manufacturing by Diener electronics withstand the needed pressures for vacuum plasma treatments.

The benefits of this system are enormous:

  • Flexible length up to three meters
  • Very fast delivery times, because only door and back wall must be supplemented
  • Cheap
  • Light weight
  • No complicated product carrier installation required
  • Any color is possible by anodizing
  • Very good heat conduction
  • Very clean processes possible, e.g. in the semiconductor field
  • Easy processing possible
  • No welding necessary, parts can be easily attached

More Information

Plasma chambers are the perfect pressure vessels in order to perform plasma processes. One prerequisite is that the chamber is tightly sealed for the plasma gases not to evaporate during the treatment. In the plasma chamber a vacuum pump needs to be installed in order for the contaminants to get removed after the process is being completed. As a result, the chamber as well as the plasma treated materials are clean on a nano-level and ready for bonding or other modifying processes.

The material aluminum from which the chambers are made is resistant against etching, similar to stainless steel and therefore highly recommended for almost any plasma application, otherwise a chamber of high-purity quartz glass is suggested.

Thierry Plasma – strong in customizable plasma components

Thierry Plasma is one of the top manufacturers of plasma systems and is supplied by a market leader in producing plasma units, Diener electronics. What makes it special: all plasma systems and needed components like the vacuum chambers are customized according to each customer’s needs. Plasma treatment is used in many branches of industry and research and belongs to the technologies with even greater future potential.

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