Intelligent Textiles

Intelligent Textiles

Intelligent Textiles - Integrating electronic components in fibers • Versatile applications

Intelligent textiles are fabrics that have electronic components built into them. These components can include devices such as conductors, integrated circuits, LED lights, batteries and even small computers.  Intelligent textiles have the electronic devices seamlessly woven into the fabric allowing the fabric to be flexible. While some forms of  intelligent textiles can be made into clothes, they do not have to be worn such as textiles made for the purpose of interior design. An important facet of  intelligent textile technology is the field of fibertronics which studies how these electrical components can be fully integrated in textile fibers. It also deals with issues such as making  intelligent textiles washable when they get dirty.

The Possible Applications of Intelligent Textiles

Some of the possible applications for  intelligent textiles include sportswear and personalized healthcare.  Intelligent textiles could be extremely helpful in studies of human performance. Clothes could contain sensors to monitor body temperature, muscle strain and could provide analysis of athletes and how they should train and where to improve. Along those same lines,  intelligent textiles could be used to make smart clothes for hospital patients that could monitor vital signs. Also, they keep track of your body’s functions as you go through your daily activities, giving doctors a more detailed look into the healthiness of your lifestyle.

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