Maximizing Coating Adhesion

Maximizing Coating Adhesion

Coating Adhesion - Maximizing coating adhesion • Pretreatment and activation of surfaces

Thierry specializes in  plasma systems that can coat surfaces with many materials such as  PTFE coatings or hydrophobic coatings. Prior to coating, a surface usually needs to undergo several steps in order to maximize the  coating adhesion. These steps include plasma cleaning and activating. This will allow coatings to better adhere to the surface.  Coating adhesion is very important in determining the durability of a coating and a coating’s efficacy. The more effectively a surface is cleaned and activated before it is coated, the better that surface’s  coating adhesion will be which will yield a higher quality coating.

Applications of Improving Coating Adhesion 

Maximizing  coating adhesion by surface activation is a vital step when trying to coat aluminum. Without it, the oxide layer on aluminum would make it nearly impossible to coat. Plasma activation removes the oxide layer which improves surface wettability and  coating adhesion. In precision mechanics, functional coatings are often used to protect parts from wear and tear. Improving  coating adhesion before coating these parts can greatly increase these parts effectiveness and their ability to withstand wear and tear. This is important in industries such as watch and clock makers where their products are expected to have very long lifespans.

To learn more about the use of plasma in manufacturing, please read our eBook titled "Manufacturer’s Surface Activation Guide for Improved Adhesion."


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