Plasma Generator

Plasma Generator

Plasma Generators - Thierry's plasma surface treatment systems • creating plasma

Plasma generator is a term used to describe Thierry’s plasma surface treatment systems.  Plasma generators are capable of creating plasma which is utilized to alter the characteristics of surfaces. Plasma is formed inside  plasma generators by creating a vacuum inside a chamber. Then a very small amount of gas is channeled into the chamber that changes phases from gas to plasma when its molecules become ionized. Inside the chamber of plasma generators, surfaces get bombarded by plasma ions modifying the surface on a very small scale. These plasma processes usually change the surface by enhancing their adhesion capabilities and getting rid of any impurities the surface may have had.

 Types of Plasma Generators

There are many different types of low pressure  plasma systems or plasma generators as they are sometimes called. These  plasma generators vary in the size of their chambers and by the degree of control over variables. A digital display or a manually controlled device are two different types of control systems. Other than the  low pressure systems, there are  plasma generators that are called  atmospheric pressure systems. These plasma generators are often called plasma pens. Instead of the plasma being created in a chamber, it is created within a nozzle and is then expelled out in a stream of compressed air creating a plasma beam. These  plasma generators are used for small in-line applications and can be simply incorporated into automatically controlled manufacturing lines.

To learn more about the use of plasma in manufacturing, please read our eBook titled "Manufacturer’s Surface Activation Guide for Improved Adhesion."


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