Plasma Treatment of Powder Applications

Plasma Treatment of Powder Applications

Plasma Treatment of Powder Applications - Experienced Powder Treatment • Rotary Plasma Systems

There are many applications of powders, and plasma treatment has the ability to change the surface without altering the bulk properties. After plasma treatment, some properties that can change are wettability, adhesion, insulation, and corrosion. Thierry Plasma has many different plasma systems for powder treatment and can help customers decide on a system is best suited for their needs.

Experienced Powder Treatment

Thierry Plasma offers rotary plasma systems and has superior knowledge in this area. Rotary plasma systems are those that consist of rotary drums. The powder is placed inside the rotary drum for powder treatment, and these drums can rotate the powder inside. With these systems, the part surfaces will be uniformly treated and are used for batch production. Rotary plasma systems can plasma treat bulk materials; they can also perform powder treatment. Thierry’s standard rotary drums are constructed of perforated stainless steel, and the size of the holes can be modified.
The dimensions of the rotary drum depend on the plasma system. Our rotary drums can also be made out of glass which is generally used for powder treatment. In addition, the rotary drums are removable. There is the ability to remove the rotary drum from the chamber in order to fill it with powder or to replace it with trays for treating other materials. The rotary drums can be filled up to half of its maximum volume, but the best performance generally occurs when they are only filled up to approximately 1/3 of the maximum volume. Thierry can also recommend the process parameters such as process gases and time. These parameters affect the results of the powder treatment in the plasma system.

To learn more about the use of plasma in manufacturing, please read our eBook titled "Manufacturer’s Surface Activation Guide for Improved Adhesion."


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