Powder Treatment for the Customer

Powder Treatment for the Customer

Powder Treatment with Low-pressure Plasma Systems - Cleaning and activating powder

Customers can purchase or even rent plasma systems from Thierry Plasma. Thierry can customers during installation of the plasma system, as well as supplying spare parts and providing technical support. Thierry offers low pressure and atmospheric plasma systems. The low pressure plasma systems with rotary drums can be used for powder treatment. Powder treatment is beneficial in cleaning and activating powder. The size of the rotary drum depends on the type and size of the plasma system. The rotary drum is removable so that it can be taken out and filled with powder or to be replaced with trays for other uses. It is also possible to change the conditions such as process gases to achieve different results. Different programs can be selected to optimize the best operating conditions for each specific application.

Industries that Need Powder Treatment

Industries may need powder treatment for automobiles, furniture, ships, etc. However, powders are a difficult material to clean or activate due to their three-dimensional geometry and large surface area. Powder treatment with plasma systems is a successful way to clean the powder and to create a hydrophilic surface. It is also possible to make the powder acquire more hydrophobic properties. A major reason that a company would want to replace its current methods with  plasma treatment is because of the environmentally-friendly nature of plasma treatment. Due to legislature and public relations, the lack of dangerous waste disposal makes plasma treatment a highly sought after method of cleaning, activating, etching or coating materials.

To learn more about the use of plasma in manufacturing, please read our eBook titled "Manufacturer’s Surface Activation Guide for Improved Adhesion."


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