Vacuum Chamber Stainless Steel | 35-57 Liters | Thierry Corp.

Vacuum Chamber VC P305x300

Vacuum chamber made of extruded aluminium profiles

The VC P305x300 is made of a unique, flexible chamber system based on extruded aluminium profiles. The three meter long profiles are cut to the desired length and equipped with a bolted rear wall and a door.

Internal dimensions

Length: Length: up to 3000 mm (standard: 370 mm, 620 mm)
Width: 305 mm
Height: 300 mm
Front Panel (optional): 9 U (1 U = 44.45 mm)


from approx. 34 to 57 liters


1 x KF 16
5 x KF 40


Hinged door with sight glass

Download the VC P305x300 data sheet