Industries that a Plasma Asher is used in

Industries that a Plasma Asher is used in

Industrial Plasma Asher - Industries That a Plasma Asher is Used In • Plasma Etch Customer Parts

The plasma asher was originally only used in the microelectronics industries to remove photoresist. The use of plasma ashers eventually spread into other industries for uses such as metal detection and plasma ashing foods. Over time, plasma technology has become very important in these industries and fields. Thierry designs its plasma technology to meet the needs of each customer, ranging from research development to large-scale manufacturing.

Plasma Etch Customer Parts (Plastic, Metal, Glass)

Today, plasma technology is used to plasma clean, activate, etch, and coat various materials. Some of these materials include plastics, metals, and glass. Material scientists, engineers, businessmen, researchers and others need to consider the material of their products or devices in order to know the best method of plasma treatment for their application. Thierry Plasma can help with selecting process parameters and with choosing the right plasma system to suit the customers’ needs. Plastics have become more of a popular material in the recent decades, and plasma technology can convert its natural hydrophobic surfaces to become more hydrophilic. The plasma etch process removes the material on the surface with gaseous etchants provided by plasma. The removed material is converted into the gas phase, and the vacuum removes the gaseous byproducts in the plasma etching system. The result of the plasma etch process is the surface area increases and so does the wettability. For metals, the surface usually needs to be cleaned with solvents (e.g., acetone or methyl ethyl ketone) or with a plasma system, which is a cleaner and more efficient process to rid the surface of contaminants.

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