Plasma Applications

Plasma Applications

Plasma Applications - Extended field of application • Surface modification

Plasma technology has many useful applications. Plasma applications extend into a very large amount of industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, textiles, appliances and material science. Since, plasma technology is a relatively new emerging field, new plasma applications are still being discovered and researched. Most useful plasma applications revolve around the science of  surface modification. These plasma applications come in the form of four main plasma surface treatments: plasma cleaning, surface activation, plasma etching, and  plasma coating.

Plasma applications in Surface Modification

The four main plasma applications are all processes that Thierry’s plasma systems can accomplish.  Plasma cleaning is a plasma application that is relatively self-explanatory. Surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned and dispose of practically every organic contaminant on a surface to a degree that chemical cleaners cannot achieve. Surface activation is a plasma application that often goes hand in hand with plasma cleaning. This is when plasma ions bombard the surface and give it a greater adhesion potential by raising its surface energy.

Plasma etching is when a surface has material carved out of it to make it have a rougher texture, but is also widely used to carve out specific designs in surfaces. The last of the main plasma applications is plasma coating. Plasma coating is used to deposit extremely thin layers of various substances onto surfaces to strengthen or protect them or to give them some specific kind of characteristic.

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