Plasma Asher Tailored to the Customer

Plasma Asher Tailored to the Customer

Plasma Asher - Customizable chamber size, material and tray quantities

Plasma technology and plasma ashers can be customized to meet the customers’ needs. Specific requests are encouraged and the norm for Thierry Plasma. Some customizable specifications may include the size of the chamber, material of the plasma asher, and the quantity of trays. Thierry has manufactured low pressure plasma systems with chamber volumes that range from 2 to 12,600 liters. Thierry can also help select the best plasma asher for each customer’s application. We will also provide follow-up support for troubleshooting and maintaining the quality and condition of your plasma asher. A budget friendly option of a plasma asher would be the ZEPTO or ATTO. They are recommended for customers who use the technology sparingly and want a more economical purchase.

Plasma Etchers and Selectivity

Selectivity of plasma etchers depends on the material to be etched, masking material, and etchant gases. The definition of selectivity is the ratio of the etch rate of one material versus the etch rate of the other. Plasma etching systems are an economical choice if the etching rate is high. In addition, the selectivity must also be high. This means that the gaseous etchants have to selectively remove the desired material while minimally (if any) removing the masking material and the material underneath. Other requirements for the plasma etchers would be high anisotropy, reproducibility, and uniformity.

To learn more about etching, check out our eBook titled "Plasma Etching and Cleaning Strategy for Better Product Quality."


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