Plasma Etcher

Plasma Etcher

Plasma etcher – A plasma etcher is a device used to etch surfaces. Thierry offers plasma etchers to meet every surface etching need.

A plasma etcher, or plasma system, creates a process in which a surface is cleaned by removing surface oxide or organic contaminants. Etching is accomplished by plasma treatment ("plasma etching") in an appropriate process gas. Examples for the application of plasma etcher processes are silicon in microelectronics as well as metals with surface oxide and non-adherent polymers such as PTFE. The removal of photoresist layers by plasma etcher is a very popular procedure using plasma treatments. While activating is great for certain projects, etching with a plasma etcher creates a longer lasting increase of surface area for post-treatment gluing and painting. Diener offers many different types of a plasma etcher, otherwise known as a plasma system.

Please visit our plasma etching page for more information.

To learn more about etching, check out our eBook titled "Plasma Etching and Cleaning Strategy for Better Product Quality."


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